QACHECK: A Demonstration System for Question-Guided Multi-Hop Fact-Checking


Fact-checking real-world claims often requires complex, multi-step reasoning due to the absence of direct evidence to support or refute them. However, existing fact-checking systems often lack transparency in their decision-making, making it challenging for users to comprehend their reasoning process. To address this, we propose the Question-guided Multi-hop Fact-Checking (QACHECK) system, which guides the model’s reasoning process by asking a series of questions critical for verifying a claim. QACHECK has five key modules: a claim verifier, a question generator, a question-answering module, a QA validator, and a reasoner. Users can input a claim into QACHECK, which then predicts its veracity and provides a comprehensive report detailing its reasoning process, guided by a sequence of (question, answer) pairs. QACHECK also provides the source of evidence supporting each question, fostering a transparent, explainable, and user-friendly fact-checking process.